Shadow of the First Sin

A Murky March

The Investigation 2

After completing his ritual, Akemos presented his findings to the party- "The first part of the answer to my problems lies to the south-east, in a bit of a bog. I expect it shall take the best part of two days' travel to reach the area."

In fact, it took until the morning of the third day out from Enalyk to reach the destination, as the party was waylaid by a renegade mage who had been lurking on the edge of the marshlands. With the ne'er-do-well and his minions dispatched, the party arrived in the indicated region, at which point Akemos admitted he didn't know the precise location, and a search commenced.

This reconnaisance revealed a rocky lair within the marshland, its entrance guarded by Kobolds. Unusually fierce Kobolds, as a matter of fact, whose leader insulted Rakano as a "false prophet" and sought to engage the Dragonborn in a melee. This earned the Kobold a splitting headache (and torso-ache, and tail-ache) from the barbarian's falchion, although the remaining Kobolds put up a substantial fight. Afterward, the party withdrew to make camp and rest before venturing into the lair and challenging whatever may lurk within . . .



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