Shadow of the First Sin

Kobold Caverns

The Investigation 3

Beyond the black maw of the cavern, the adventurers discovered a twisting mass of tunnels and chambers, dank and dark and filled with Kobolds, and also their clever traps. Aumwe fell prey to the first of these, but he was only lightly injured.

In the farthest chamber, the party encountered the Dragonborn Bharash, a Paladin sworn to the service of the evil god Tiamat. Bharash fought hard before a stone altar bearing a carved idol of a dragon, but ultimately, he fell beneath the adventurers' blades and missiles. A large bowl was mounted upon the altar, and it was filled with acid that dripped from the idol's mouth. Closer examination revealed a lever within the bowl. Nova braved the hazard to reach in and move the lever, which caused a camouflaged panel in the far wall to retract.

Behind the hidden door, a set of stairs leads deeper into the darkness . . .



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