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A World of Chaos

Generations ago, the people who inhabit this land sought to escape a terrible war through the use of a great warding spell. Instead, the spell backfired, leaving the survivors in a land entirely alien to them. And worse, the spell warped and twisted the land, leaving bubbles of alternate reality behind.

The Principalities

While the survivors settled their new home, they did not truly become a civilization until the coming of the King of Lightning, over a century after the warding spell faded. The enigmatic King of Lightning struck down the petty warlords who ruled over the people at that time and established the Principalities, orderly and prosperous countries which persist to this day.

The Guilds

As a check on the ambitions of the Princes, the most valuable professions were gathered into Guilds whose authority spans across the countries. These organizations are great stores of knowledge and power.

Main Page

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