The Seeker


Tiefling Wizard / Bard Multiclass
-Uses Wands


“I shall enter this into the Record. Maybe someone will want to know why there’s blood strewn all across the floor here.”

Speaking little and observing much, Akemos prefers to let others take the lead. He only steps forward when circumstances force it, such as when he first begged to join the party on their expedition to investigate the eclipse tower. He has since revealed his interest in the tower- Akemos is seeking after an important truth, and he believed it would be found there. However, his search continues alongside those he has come to see as friends and allies.

Of particular note is Akemos’ unusual magic- while he wields a typical array of Wizard’s spells, he is also able to call upon something darker and more potent. The destruction caused by this flame is not limited to the enemy- casting the spell seemed to injure Akemos as well.


Shadow of the First Sin Berend